Monday, 19 May 2014

Can the scent of your mum's perfume reduce stress?

Be it money troubles, work pressures or stress at home we all feel anxious at some time or another.
However according to new research as many as one in five women feel anxious most or all of the time.
The Mental Health Foundation’s Living With Anxiety report revealed 22 per cent of women experience symptoms of anxiety all of the time, a number that has almost doubled during the past five years.

Despite this rising figure a fifth said they hadn't taken any action to combat it. Here our experts explain the surprising ways you can overcome stress and worry once and for all.

When we discover a smell we truly love it will have large numbers of ingredients within it, all which have positive, feel-good associations

Roja Dove, perfume expert


Scents can alter how we feel so surrounding yourself with a familiar smell can help to beat anxiety.

“Scent stimulates synapses in the brain which trigger the release of the hormones that govern every bodily function or action,” says perfume expert Roja Dove (
“When we discover a smell we truly love it will have large numbers of ingredients within it, all which have positive, feel-good associations,” explains Roja.

“The scent develops positive associations, relieving us from anxiety and helping us stay calm.”

Roja adds that a spritz of your mum’s perfume or the smell of freshly cut grass could remind you of your childhood and help you to feel less anxious.


  1. I strongly believe that a nice smell can change your mood dramatically and reduce stress. My girlfriend is almost obsessed about the smell of our home! She loves to have flowers that both look pretty and have a nice smell. She uses a lot of room sprays to make the house smell great and she hates it when there’s a funny smell coming from outside!

  2. This is such an interesting concept. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, and I agree that it can trigger emotions (and even memories). My mom doesn't have a signature perfume, but she does burn a particular candle. Smelling it always reminds me of home, even when I'm not at home.

  3. My mother never wore a certain perfume and doesn't like strong scents. My relationship with my mother wouldn't bring calm associations anyway.
    I do like certain scents that make me feel happy, such as "Paris" and "Chloe Narcisse". I have a lot of scents that make me feel relaxed with no memory release. I like joss sticks and like Nag Champa.

  4. My mother wears Coty Lamont and that smells lovely to me. It does bring a memory of comfort and I love similar scents that smell "clean". I always associate that scent with soapy style scents.