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Posed by model
Posed by model
1) Recognise your feelings of panic early on — by becoming more aware of your feelings of anxiety, you can take action before you have a full-blown panic attack.
Enquire into your feelings by asking: ‘What are my feelings telling me about what I might be needing right now?’ Then take action to give yourself what you are needing. This could be to go for a walk, relax, or doing the 7/11 breathing technique described below.

2) Think positive thoughts — when negative thoughts like ‘I’m losing control’, ‘I’m going to die’, ‘I can’t cope with these feelings’ come up during a panic attack, focus on a positive reassuring thought instead.
For instance: ‘I will be OK’, ‘these feelings will pass’, ‘I can cope with these feelings’. Whilst negative thoughts will tend to escalate your feelings of panic, thinking positive thoughts will help you to reduce your feelings of panic.

3) Take action to restore calm — focus your attention on  your breathing using the 7/11 breathing technique. It will help you overcome the physical symptoms of hyperventilation, including choking, shallow and difficult breathing.
It is a good idea to practice the 7/11 breathing technique a few times so that you are familiar with it and feel comfortable using it when you have a panic attack. This technique slows down your breathing and encourages you to take longer, deeper breaths into your belly. It works on the sympathetic nervous system as you inhale and on the parasympathetic nervous system as you exhale, relaxing your mind and body.

The 7/11 breathing technique
Practice this technique whilst sat and with your feet firmly placed on the ground and place your hands lightly on your belly.
Close your eyes or look down at a focused point on the ground.
Breathe in through your nose for two counts, then breathe out through your nose for two counts. Repeat this a few times.
Lengthen and deepen your breath then by breathing into your belly for five counts, then exhaling for nine counts. Repeat this for a few minutes.
Breathe in through your nose for seven counts, then exhale for 11 counts. Repeat this until you feel calm.

4) Accept your feelings and the physical symptoms of panic — you might want to avoid your feelings of panic. However, this only serves to keep you stuck in the vicious cycle of feeling afraid of these feelings.
By accepting that it is natural and OK for you to feel feelings of panic, you can begin to lessen your fear and the accompanying physical symptoms. The more comfortable you are being in contact with these feelings, the less they will affect you when you feel them.

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